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Anne L. Collins

Partner | Sacramento

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Anne L. Collins is a Partner in Lozano Smith's Sacramento office and serves as co-chair of the firm's Facilities & Business Practice Group. She is an experienced litigator, managing complex litigation for school districts, special districts with a focus on fire protection districts and other public agency clients. Ms. Collins' representation is sought in a variety of areas of litigation, including facilities and business, charter school issues and labor and employment. She has managed several cases through jury trial, drafted and argued numerous motions for summary judgment and successfully argued before the California Court of Appeal for the First District. She also routinely advises clients on general legal strategies to achieve successful results in a range of subject matters including employee complaints, special education disputes and contract negotiations.

Presenter Experience

Ms. Collins has presented at various events including the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), the Small School Districts Association (SSDA) and Lozano Smith's Facilities and Business workshops and webinars.


Ms. Collins received her law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. As a law student, she earned top honors and received the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association Award. She also received the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Student Advocacy Award. She earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Legislature Clarifies CEQA Lead Agency’s Scope of Consideration in Authoring EIR

By: Anne Collins-

November 2018 Number 71 The California Legislature has amended the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in an effort to clarify a lead agency's ability to consider both the broad benefits of a project and the negative impacts of denying the project when evaluating environmental impacts. Under existing law, CEQA requires state and local agencies to assess the environmental impacts of projects they undertake. Unless an exception applies, the lead agency on the project must prepare...

Public Agencies No Longer Required to Contract with DIR Registered Contractors for Small Projects

By: Anne CollinsNicholas Clair-

July 2017 Number 38 Senate Bill (SB) 96, passed this June as part of the California state budget, contains provisions designed to encourage more contractors to participate on small public works projects. Public works projects under $25,000 and maintenance projects under $15,000 are now exempt from the requirements of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) registration program. The new law also permits contractors to register for up to three years in advance and imposes new penalt...

Public Entities Must Proceed with Caution When Preparing an Addendum to a Negative Declaration

By: Anne CollinsShawn VanWagenen-

June 2017 Number 31 A California appellate court has held that a public entity violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by preparing an addendum to a mitigated negative declaration. In Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens v. San Mateo County Community College District (2017) 11 Cal.App.5th 596, the court found that proposed changes to the District's original facilities project might have a significant effect on the environment, requiring further analysis, rather tha...

Governor Signs Bill Requiring Child Safety Alert Systems on School Buses

By: Anne CollinsEllen Denham-

October 2016 Number 76 Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 1072, a bill modifying the Education Code and Vehicle Code to require additional safety measures for students being transported on school buses. Also called the "Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law," the bill responds to multiple reports of California schoolchildren being left unattended on school buses for hours, often in dangerous conditions. In 2015, a student, Paul Lee, died after being left unattended on...

Fit to Defend: A Primer on the Physical Education Instructional Minutes Litigation

By: Sloan SimmonsSteve NgoAnne Collins-

A series of lawsuits against school districts throughout California caught the attention of the State Legislature in 2015, prompting changes in the law designed to keep administrators and teachers out of the courthouse regarding physical education ("P.E.") instructional minutes ("P.E. minutes"). The law, AB 1391, was an urgency measure that took effect as soon as Governor Brown signed the legislation in October 2015. Despite AB 1391, it appears that there are still attorneys and members of th...

Legislature Permits Alcoholic Beverages at Certain School Facilities When Students Are Not on Campus

By: Megan MacyAnne Collins-

November 2014 Number 87 The Legislature recently amended the law to permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages at facilities owned and operated by various educational agencies, including school districts and community college districts. This change provides additional latitude for educational agencies to make their facilities available to community groups and individuals for fundraising and other private events that could provide additional revenue. Permitting the consumption of alcoho...

Important Changes in Labor Laws Related to Prevailing Wage Assessments and Actions, Payroll Records and Public Works Determinations

By: Megan MacyAnne Collins-

October 2013 Number 73 Recent changes to the Labor Code make wide-ranging adjustments to the procedures by which prevailing wage violations are investigated and enforced. Two bills recently signed by Governor Brown, Assembly Bill (AB) 1336 and Senate Bill (SB) 377, amend portions of the Labor Code associated with assessments and actions related to prevailing wages, the production of payroll records and public works project determinations. These changes extend and toll the time for the ...

Court of Appeal Holds that Diverted Revenue Should be Included in the Calculation of District's Property Tax Allocation Base

By: Anne Collins-

August 2013 Number 48 In the most recent published case arising out of the aftermath of the dissolution of redevelopment agencies statewide, a court of appeal has ruled in Los Angeles Unified School District v. County of Los Angeles (2013) 217 Cal.App.4th 597, that the Los Angeles Unified School District's (District) property tax allocation base should include property tax revenue that was diverted by other legislation. The decision resulted in an increase in revenue to the District in th...

California Supreme Court Addresses Attorney Work Product Privilege for Witness Statements and Identities

By: Mark KitabayashiAnne Collins-

July 2012 Number 38 In Coito v. Superior Court of Stanislaus County (June 25, 2012) __ Cal.4th __ (2012 WL 2369186), the California Supreme Court reviewed the attorney work product privilege in the context of (1) recordings of witness interviews conducted by investigators employed by counsel, and (2) information concerning the identity of witnesses from whom counsel had obtained statements. The Court determined that recorded witness statements are entitled as a matter of law to at least q...

Planning For Your Summer Projects

By: Daniel MarucciaAnne Collins-

March 2012 Number 12 Spring is in the air, and now is the time for planning your summer construction projects. As such, we would like to remind you about two significant changes in the law on public works projects for 2012: the cap on retention and the new prevailing wage compliance monitoring requirements. Retention Cap The first significant change is a new cap on the amount of retention withheld from progress payments on a public works project. Senate Bill (SB) 293 enacted a new s...

New Legislation Impacts Retention And Payment Terms For Public Works Projects

By: Anne CollinsRuth Mendyk-

October 2011 Number 68 Governor Brown recently signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 293, which contains numerous changes to the law on public works construction contracts, including a requirement that the public entity withhold no more than 5% of the contract price as retention. The Public Contract Code permits public entities to retain a percentage of the contract price from progress payments to a general contractor. Such "retention" is normally held by the public entity to cover, if nece...

New Requirements For Student Athletes

By: Anne CollinsRuth Mendyk-

October 2011 Number 58 The Governor recently signed Assembly Bill (AB) 25 which adds two new requirements for student athletes related to concussions and head injuries. The bill adds section 49475 to the Education Code and is effective January 1, 2012. This new law requires that each year, schools issue a concussion and head injury information sheet for athletes and their parents or guardians to sign and return before the athlete begins practice or competition. This requirement is not li...

Sample Litigation

  • In Anderson Union High School District v. Shasta Secondary Home School (2016) 4 Cal.App.5th 262, Ms. Collins was part of the Lozano Smith litigation team that successfully argued, in a case of first impression, that the geographic and site limitations of the Charter Schools Act (Ed. Code, § 47600 et seq.) are applicable to all charter schools, including “nonclassroom-based” programs.