Diversity & Inclusion. It matters.

We are focused on ensuring that Lozano Smith is not only a place that welcomes differences but one where each individual has an opportunity to make a difference through meaningful advancement and leadership opportunities. By recruiting, hiring and retaining people of varied backgrounds, we are able to integrate unique perspectives and offer deeper insights.

At Lozano Smith, people are our most important asset. We recognize that, and we embrace it. As a collective group, we are intentionally focused on ensuring diversity and inclusion remain at the core of our firm. That focus is predicated on the fact that regardless of the basis for our differences, it is those differences that make us stronger, more insightful, more creative, more empathetic and more understanding. This belief gives everyone an opportunity to reach their full potential, and our clients are better off for it.

As a law firm, we have a rather unique culture. You won't find it framed and hung on the wall in the front lobby of our offices, but everybody knows we have a "No Jerks" rule. Simply put, we enjoy each other's company. We like to have fun together, in the office and in the field. We enjoy our work, and equally important, who we work for. It goes a long way in our quest for superior client service.

Mentoring. An investment for all of us.

Today, mentoring is a popular term in many circles. It is vogue, and can almost seem cliché. For us, it has always been in our DNA. Lozano Smith's Mentoring and Diversity Program isn't just a "program" that sits on a shelf. It is a way of practice, every day.

In the end, we understand that our Mentoring and Diversity Program goes beyond our walls. It impacts our clients, industry and all those we come in contact with on a daily basis. This multi-pronged program provides leadership and guidance that enhances others' professional development and encourages their success. After all, we know success inside our walls translates to greater success for clients.

Going above and beyond.

While we recognize the critical expectation of serving as legal counsel, we also understand the importance of leading our industry in the area of insights. So much so, that entrenched in our culture is the desire to teach and equip.

Our team of attorneys serve as authors, speakers, trainers and volunteers for some of the state’s largest and most influential associations and organizations. This allows us to provide value-added workshops and professional development opportunities for clients throughout the year.

Client-friendly and definitely family-friendly.

Lozano Smith’s office culture was recently recognized by First 5 Fresno County as a winner of the 2016 Child-Friendly Business Awards. The award is given to businesses which help their parent employees achieve a healthy work-home balance. Our employees have been raving about the work environment at Lozano Smith for decades, and now it’s not just the people that work here who feel that way.

Navigating clients to success –
one journey at a time.