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This popular "Food for Thought" series is back! Join us as we visit three different local restaurants and take a trip through Old Sacramento. At each stop in the tour, we’ll hear from a variety of presenters, including attorneys and district practitioners.

Together, they will share legal and practical viewpoints regarding district responsibilities relating to special education and student services. Discover a unique workshop setting over lunch as we collaboratively discuss best practices.

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Topics & Dates

When & How to Effectively Use Paraeducator Support
November 22nd, 2019
The Firehouse Restaurant
Paraprofessionals are an important and essential piece of the puzzle in providing educational services to students with disabilities under Section 504 and the IDEA. But, many teachers, site administrators, and district administrators are confused about the scope and limitations of the role. In this interactive presentation, attendees will learn best practices for utilizing the skills and services of paraprofessionals in the special education and general education environments. We will also discuss how to prepare appropriate fade plans, conduct assessments to evaluate a student’s need for a 1:1 aide, and respond to a parent request for a 1:1 aide. Presenters will also address frequently asked questions related to paraprofessionals, such as whether districts can require paraprofessionals to perform certain tasks, whether paraprofessionals can track a student’s progress on goals, and much more.

Addressing Behavior at School that Impedes Learning or Access to Education
March 27th, 2020
Rio City Café
This presentation will include an interactive discussion of case law and best practices when it comes to addressing student behavior. Presenters will share ideas about how to effectively assess behavior and implement strategies, using a multi-tiered system of support, to minimize different types of maladaptive behaviors. This presentation will also discuss recent cases involving behavioral concerns and the steps to take if a change in placement is a necessary consideration.

The Collision of Title IX and Special Education/Section 504
May 1st, 2020
Delta King Restaurant
What legal considerations are triggered when a student with a disability engages in sexual assault or harassment, or is the victim of such conduct? The U.S. Department of Education proposed new Title IX regulations that change the way schools must address sexual harassment. This workshop will discuss the obligation to ensure that a student with a disability who is the perpetrator or target of sexual harassment or bullying continues to receive FAPE in accordance with his or her IEP or Section 504 plan, while at the same time complying with obligations under Title IX.


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When & How to Effectively Use Paraeducator Support
Addressing Behavior at School that Impedes Learning or Access to Education
The Collision of Title IX and Special Education/Section 504

This event is reserved for school district or public agency employees only. Please contact Client Services for more information.

Event Info:

  • November 22nd, 2019
  • 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  • The Firehouse Restaurant
  • 1112 Second Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Workshop