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Lee  Burdick

Senior Counsel | Fresno

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Lee Burdick is Senior Counsel in Lozano Smith's Fresno office. Her practice is focused on the Local Government aspects of public agency law. She has more than 25 years of counseling clients regarding their relationships with federal, state and local government agencies. She has, over time, developed a wide range of clients, including government, corporate and nonprofit entities. Her expertise includes research, analysis and advocacy before a variety of federal, state and local agencies and courts.


While building her administrative law expertise, Lee has represented clients in administrative proceedings before agencies and boards such as the Federal Communications Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, the California Department of Labor and others. She also served on the Board of Port Commissioners for the San Diego Unified Port District, where she became intimately familiar with the Brown Act, the Public Trust Doctrine and agency administrative procedure in a variety of land use contexts. Prior to moving to Fresno, Ms. Burdick served as senior legal adviser and chief of staff to a former San Diego mayor, where she worked on city council resolutions, ordinances and various legal issues facing California cities.


Ms. Burdick received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies from University of Missouri – Kansas City. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Columbus Law School, Catholic University of America with a certificate in Administrative Law.

Schools And Public Agencies Face A Rise In Digital Copyright Infringement Claims For Use Of Protected Photos

By: Harold FreimanLee Burdick-

April 2019Number 19Cease and desist letters alleging copyright infringement for the unauthorized use of digital photos-along with demands for settlement payments ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars-are being sent to public agencies. This trend seems to be on the rise, whether it is a journalism student's use of a photo for the online student newspaper, or a social media manager's use of a graphic for the agency's Facebook feed. Although the initial demands can be quite high,...

FCC Threatens Public Agencies’ Local Control Over Next-Gen Cellular Deployment

By: William Curley IIILee Burdick-

November 2018Number 76In anticipation of the wave of next-generation cellular technology, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a Declaratory Ruling and Third Report and Order significantly preempting state and local control over the use of public rights of way for the deployment of "small wireless facilities" (i.e., micro cellular antennas and equipment). The preemption order was published in the Federal Register on October 15, 2018, and will become effective on January 14, 201...

Does Anyone Really Expect Privacy?

By: Roberta RoweLee Burdick-

A small drone flies 350 feet above ground through the beautiful rust-colored mountains. A dusty road flows around the mountainside and opens up to a plateau of rock and sand. There sits a cluster of large industrial buildings, caked with red mountain dust. The buildings cover approximately a million square feet, the size of three football fields in each direction. The facility is shielded from the road by 10-foot concrete walls and a checkpoint with guards, dogs and guns. Inside, the b...

Despite Marijuana Industry Efforts, Local Control Survives

By: Jenell Van BindsbergenLee Burdick-

August 2017 Number 48 Eight months after California voters approved Proposition 64, which legalized adult use of recreational marijuana in California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill that will facilitate the issuance of marijuana business licenses beginning in January 2018. Despite marijuana industry efforts to minimize local government regulation, the new bill guarantees continued local agencies' control over marijuana operations in their jurisdictions. The primary thrust of Se...

Digital Data Security and Confidentiality: Public Agency Vulnerabilities in the Age of Ransomware

By: William Curley IIILee Burdick-

This article was featured in the Spring 2017 Issue of Lozano Smith's TIPJar In the action movie thriller Taken, Liam Neeson plays a former CIA operative and distraught father on a mission to rescue his daughter from kidnappers. Imagine if Neeson came upon the kidnapping of his most valuable, confidential data and it was being held for ransom. One of his most famous movie lines might read something like this: "If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I d...

Proposition 64: Legal and Practical Considerations

By: Lee BurdickDulcinea GranthamJenell Van Bindsbergen-

December 2016 Number 87 On November 8, 2016, California voters passed the "Control, Regulation and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act" ("Prop. 64"), legalizing recreational marijuana use for those 21 years old and older. The new law, effective immediately, among many other provisions does the following related to marijuana: Establishes a regulatory scheme for cultivation, distribution, sale, testing and use; Allows for personal cultivation of up to six plants inside a private home; P...

The Satanic Temple Seeks Access to Public Elementary Schools Nationwide

By: Sloan SimmonsLee Burdick-

September 2016 Number 57 A secular organization called The Satanic Temple has announced it will be seeking access to public elementary school facilities nationwide to offer its "Educatin' with Satan" after-school program. The group stated that it intends to offer a scientific after-school club to balance the religious viewpoint presented by other programs such as the "Good News Club" run by the Child Evangelism Fellowship. Based upon the United States Supreme Court's 2001 opinion in Good Ne...

Developing Law on Social Media Accounts of Government Officials

By: Lee BurdickJoshua Whiteside-

Last year, the United States Supreme Court identified social media as “perhaps the most powerful mechanism available” today to make a person’s voice heard. But can a government official block their constituents’ voices online? At what point does a personal social media page become open to the public? Join us as we discuss the ramifications of a recent federal district court case out of New York about President Trump’s personal Twitter account and the potential legal precedent being shaped now

Inclusivity Matters

By: Joshua WhitesideLee Burdick-

Inclusivity is a mandate for all public entities – to create a positive, welcoming environment for all types of people and treat them fairly and equally. The government must also be neutral with respect to politics and religion. However, the rise of social justice movements in recent years have led public entities to carefully re-consider their policies, practices, and programs. Thus, public entities walk the narrow path of affirming the rights of all without expressing support for a particular political viewpoint or ignoring systemic and procedural biases. This podcast will discuss how local governments and school districts can act to work on providing an inclusive workplace and/or campus without limiting individual opinions and viewpoints.

California Adds “Nonbinary” Gender Option to Identification Documents

By: Joshua WhitesideLee Burdick-

Last year, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 179, known as the “Gender Recognition Act,” which adds a “nonbinary” gender option to state driver’s licenses, identification cards, and birth certificates.