Episode 62 Charter School Renewals: They're Back

Lozano Smith Podcast
In this Lozano Smith Podcast episode, host Sloan Simmons talks with Lozano Smith's Partners Ed Sklar and Erin Hamor regarding the forthcoming return of the charter school renewal process under pre-Pandemic changes in the law resulting from AB 1505.

Show Notes & References
  • 1:32- Charter renewals and where we left off (listen to Episode 57 here)
  • 2:19- AB 1505 (2019) and The Charter Schools Act reform
  • 5:32- Removal of the Dashboard and impact on charter renewals
  • 8:20- Other factors impacting renewal
  • 9:10- Data used for renewals
  • 12:36- Examples of Verified Data
  • 14:30- Potential disputes over data
  • 16:48- Governance and fiscal issues
  • 18:32 "Cure and Correct" notices
  • 19:01- Selective enrollment issues
  • 22:16- Notice of deficiencies
  • 23:15- Next steps for charter authorizers
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