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CSBA Legal Update: Life After Janus v. AFSCME

Karen M. Rezendes

School districts and county offices of education have been faced with a number of issues, requests, and questions stemming from the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME and the related laws passed by the California Legislature. In this installment of Legal Update, we address “Life After Janus”—how the Court’s decision and the recent legislation have created new restrictions and left open questions for school districts and county offices of education.

CSBA Legal Update: First Amendment Issues Impacting Schools: Walk-outs, social media and kneeling

Sloan R. Simmons
Schools are tasked with making decisions impacting student and staff First Amendment rights every year, often around issues and types of speech that the courts have yet to consider. What does the balance between free speech and school disruption mean for schools in 2018?

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What should I do if I learn of a Title IX issue?

What are the duties of Responsible Employees?

Are schools required to offer support services to the parties involved in a Title IX complaint?

If a criminal investigation is pending, do schools still need to conduct their own investigation?

Public Records Act Trends

Harold Freiman

Harold Freiman, Partner in Lozano Smith’s Walnut Creek office, breaks down the hot topics related to the Public Records Act, and discusses the importance of established policies, very clear practices and working closely with an attorney to make sure protocols are in place when PRA requests come. Specifically, so that errors are not made, thought must be given to how text messages and emails are treated and advanced discussion should take place before your entity is taken on by a lawsuit that often follows PRA requests.

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Introduction & Requests for Emails
Requests for Personnel Records
Requests Motivated by Profit
Accidental Release of Privileged Materials & Recap (6:31)

Title IX and Sports Equity

Michael E. Smith
Attorney Michael Smith discusses Title IX and sports equity in California schools.

Staying Under the Umbrella: Board Members’ Obligations and Immunities

Michelle L. Cannon
An overview and summary of school board members’ obligations and immunities under California Law.

5 Steps Towards a Successful Construction Project

Anne L. Collins
Find out key details for five of the most important phases of any school district construction project. This video covers the following topics: project delivery methods, prequalification, Department of Industrial Relations, documenting your project and preparing for project close-out.