Episode 52 Personnel Actions and the March 15th Deadline - Are You Ready?

Lozano Smith Podcast
Host Sloan Simmons joins partners and Lozano Smith Labor and Employment Co-Practice Group Leaders Michelle Cannon and Gabriela Flowers to discuss several important school district labor and employment deadlines that all fall on March 15. This brief but information packed episode includes discussion on various types of release from employment as well as layoffs. Additionally, this year, for the first time ever, classified layoffs are subject to the same deadline.

Show Notes & References
  • 1:13- Non-reelection of second year probationary certificated employees
  • 2:10- March 15th deadlines
  • 3:28- First year probationary employees
  • 3:34- Education Code section 44929.21
  • 4:21- Release and reassignment notices for administrators (Ed. Code section 44951)
  • 7:20- Certified layoff process
  • 8:49- Ed code sections 44955 and 44949
  • 9:00- Bumping rights
  • 10:00- Chronology of layoffs
  • 14:35- Classified layoff process
  • 16:53- Bumping language and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs)
  • 17:53- Definition of permanendy for classified employee lay offs
  • 18:40- AB438 impacts
  • 21:48 CBAs and classified layoffs
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