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Janus Decision Expected Next Week; New Bill Adds Complexity

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Janus Decision Expected Next Week; New Bill Adds Complexity

School districts and other public agencies around the state are anticipating the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME. As an update, it is anticipated the decision will be issued next week. In the meantime, we want to make you aware of related legislation (SB 866) that will become law as soon as the Governor signs the bill. Both the impending Janus decision and proposed legislation would make sweeping changes for public agencies and unions.

ACSA Develops FAQ; Lozano Smith Contributes
Although there have not been any new changes in the law as of today, we believe it is critical to inform you of the current climate and help equip your team with implementation guidelines. In partnership with ACSA, Lozano Smith has helped develop a comprehensive overview specific to Janus and SB 866. We invite you to download the FAQ here.

Next Steps
Immediately following the Janus decision, our team will promptly issue a toolkit of resources as part of the response and guidance for you.

ACSA & Lozano Smith Partnerhsip
For more information on this effort and partnership between Lozano Smith and ACSA, click here.