Affordable Care Act Enrollment Information Update

Lozano Smith Client News Brief
October 2015
Number 57

As reported previously (See Client News Brief No. 38, July 2015), starting this school year, school districts must provide health care coverage options and enrollment assistance information to new student enrollees pursuant to Assembly Bill (AB) 2706. This requirement will be in effect through the 2017-2018 school year. The California Department of Education (CDE), in partnership with Covered California and All In - Health Care for All Families, provided the following clarifications on AB 2706's requirements during a recent statewide webinar:
  • The CDE has approved a Flyer template for purposes of AB 2706, which was developed in partnership with Covered California. The template provides a description of health coverage options and current income limits for Medi-Cal eligibility and potential financial help for the purchase of health insurance through Covered California. There is also a customizable space at the top of the form for school districts to include their district name and enrollment assistance contact information. The Flyer template is accessible here.

  • While school districts may include the required Flyer in the annual parental notice and/or parent-student handbook, this document must also be distributed separately, throughout the school year, with any enrollment forms for new students.

  • It is not sufficient for school districts only to include the link to the CDE Flyer on a school or district website.

  • The Flyer will require updates every year to reflect current federal poverty guidelines.

  • The Flyer is currently available in English and Spanish, and the CDE is preparing an additional ten non-English language versions.

  • AB 2706 does not require that school districts identify which students are in need of health care coverage.

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