Episode 67 Annual Organizational Meetings for School Districts

Lozano Smith Podcast
Join host Sloan Simmons in this Lozano Smith podcast in which Partner Thomas Gauthier discusses annual organizational meetings for school districts. This timely discussion provides insights into the structure and purpose to these meetings, which take place every December.

Show Notes & References
  • 1:03- Basic overview of organizational meetings
  • 2:19- Education Code sections 1009 and 35143
  • 2:55- Board Bylaw 9100 and electing board officers
  • 3:42- Vice President and Clerk roles
  • 4:54- The six requirements of Board Bylaw 9100
  • 6:52- Election and nomination process for officers
  • 9:57- Failed nomination scenario
  • 11:23- Risks of not following bylaws and policies
  • 12:57- Flexibly for holding elections outside of annual meeting (Education Code section 35160)
  • 14:47- Officer duties
  • 15:10- Board President duties (Board Bylaw 9121)
  • 17:50- Clerk/Vice President duties (Board Bylaw 9123)
  • 19:01- Signature authorizations (Board Bylaw 9122)
  • 19:33- Adopting schedule of regular meetings (Board Bylaw 9100 and the Brown Act)
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