Top Myths of School Avoidance (Part 1)

Lozano Smith Podcast
In Part 1 of our discussion on school avoidance, Sloan Simmons talks with Jennifer Baldassari and Susan Bishop about the challenges districts face in school avoidance issues from both a legal and practical perspective, highlighting the top myths associated with school avoidance along the way.

Show Notes & References
  • 6:46 Lucia Mar Unified School District v. Student (2017) OAH Case No. 2017020299
  • 11:31 Family systems vs. family issues
  • 14:29 Child Find
  • 15:25 IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education and Improvement Act)
  • 18:54 Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • 20:29 Navigating SEL From the Inside Out- Harvard Graduate School of Education (March 2017)
  • 25:28 Parent v. Berkeley Unified School District (Sept. 13, 2018) OAH Case No. 2018030517
  • 28:19 SARB (School Attendance Review Board)
  • 30:00 Truancy vs. being a truant vs. chronic absenteeism (Ed. Code 48260.5 and 60901; 5 CCR 420 and 421.)
  • 32:29 Anxiety and Depression Association of America resources

  • Listen to Part 2 here.
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