It's Time to Fill Out Your Form 700!

Lozano Smith Podcast
It's that time of year, when California public servants must prepare and submit their annual statements of economic interest. The statement, commonly referred to as Form 700, is due on April 2 this year. Devon Lincoln talks to ethics expert Tom Gauthier about common pitfalls in filling out the form, what you need to know to get it right, and why it matters.

Show Notes & References
  • 7:14 CSBA Sample Policy Conflict of Interest - Board Bylaw 9270
  • 8:35 Form 700 - 2018/2019 Statement of Economic Interests (Link to Form 700 Document)
  • 17:15 Reference Pamphlet - 2018/2019 Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests (Link to Reference Pamphlet)
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