New Law Removes Restriction on Funding Student Field Trips

Lozano Smith Client News Brief
July 2017
Number 43

A bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown on July 10 allows school districts to pay the expenses of students participating in field trips or excursions to other states, the District of Columbia or a foreign country. Assembly Bill (AB) 341 goes into effect on January 1, 2018.

Education Code section 35330(b)(3) currently prohibits the use of school district funds to pay the expenses of a student participating in a field trip or excursion to any other state, the District of Columbia or a foreign country. The bill deletes this provision.

The bill notes that the Local Control Funding Formula identifies student engagement as a state priority that local school districts must address and says that out-of-state travel increases student access to educational opportunities, including competitions and televised events.

Until the bill goes into effect, school districts wishing to use district funds to cover students' out-of-state or country travel expenses must obtain a waiver from the State Board of Education. Since 2011, the State Board has approved eight waivers authorizing a school district to pay a student's out-of-state or country field trip expenses, the bill says.

In order to reflect this new authority, school districts may need to update their board policies and administrative regulations.

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