Special Education Professional Development Series

Special Education Professional Development Series - Spring SELC
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We invite you to join us for Lozano Smith's Spring Special Education Legal Consortium (SELC) featuring a live, two-part webinar! Presenters will provide practical advice on how to address remediation and incorporate participant questions from on-demand bonus content. The on-demand series, originally featured at the ACSA Every Child Counts Symposium, covers all things COVID-19 as they relate to special education.


After registering, attendees will receive access to on-demand recordings and related COVID-19 materials. On-demand presentations include four trainings, originally featured at ACSA's Every Child Counts Symposium, focused on how to keep your district legally compliant in the COVID-19 era. These four trainings cover assessments, IEPs, learning loss and mental health, ensuring that you understand the legal landscape post COVID-19. After viewing the four-part series, attendees can submit questions. Lozano Smith attorneys will answer the most commonly asked questions during the live virtual training. The Spring SELC will conclude with a live presentation held in a virtual format on April 21 hosted by Lozano Smith attorneys and experts in the field.

This three hour presentation will answer questions submitted by attendees and take a deep-dive into remediation, focusing on what districts can do now and in the coming year, to adequately address remediation for all students, and in particular, students with IEPs.

Live Webinar

Lozano Smith attorneys present the latest insights and incorporate FAQs. The live webinar will not be recorded.

Featured Sessions

• Remediation: Practical Perspectives from the Field
• Deep-Dive Review of the COVID-19 Video Series; Attendee-Driven Q&A; Brief Overview of the State of COVID-19.

This three-hour presentation will answer questions submitted by attendees and take a deep dive into remediation, focusing on what districts can do now and in the coming year, to adequately address remediation for all students, and in particular, students with IEPs.

On-Demand Learning Series and Materials

Available through April 28. This four-part series addresses key topics through a COVID-19 lens.

Featured Sessions: COVID-19 & The IDEA Video Series

This session focuses on an advanced discussion of the requirements for substantive FAPE under the IDEA. Specifically, we will discuss alternative school settings such as distance learning and emergency closures and how those relate to FAPE and requirements to amend and adjust individual student IEPs. We look at technology usage in school and how to ensure equal access to distance learning together with confidentiality issues and concerns raised regarding online learning platforms.

This second session focuses on case law interpreting eligibility and age requirements under the IDEA, including problem-solving and analysis of complex cases involving child find or initial eligibility determinations, and students aging out and exiting from special education. Our discussion of child find issues centers around considering the impact of school closures and distance learning on newly-arising mental health issues, social and behavioral issues and overall learning styles.

In this third session, we engage in an advanced discussion of social-emotional and mental health issues, as they arise in the era of distance learning and emergency closures. Due to necessary changes in instructional approaches, and in response to health crisis or other emergencies that necessitate distance learning, students may be challenged with anxiety, social acclimation, depression, and other mental health difficulties. We discuss the legal obligation to address these mental health issues.

This final session focuses on distinctions between loss of learning, as well as subtle distinctions between remediation and compensatory education. We discuss the body of cases relating to distance learning, and explore the manner in which loss of learning is evaluated by the courts and administrative agencies. We also discuss judicial and administrative decisions related to compensatory education, assisting attendees in developing a step-by-step process by which to evaluate compensatory education requests.

Who Should Attend

This presentation is great for all IEP team members, in addition to administrators, directors of curriculum and support, special education directors, SELPA directors, superintendents and the like.


Lozano Smith does not require a Purchase Order to confirm registration for this event. All attendees will receive an invoice after the live webinar takes place that can be submitted to your Accounts Payable department.

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Cancellation Policy
Cancellations will be accepted for a full refund, until one week prior to the event (April 14, 2021). Cancellations will not be accepted after this date. If you are unable to attend you will have the option to send a substitute in your place or receive workshop materials after the event. Please contact clientservices@lozanosmith.com to request event materials if you are unable to attend.

This event is reserved for school district or public agency employees only. Please contact Client Services for more information.

Event Info:

  • April 21st, 2021
  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Online Training


  • $105/person