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> Procedural irregularity that impacted the outcome of the matter;
                  > New evidence not reasonably available at the time of the Dismissal or Written Determination that could
                 impact the outcome of the matter; or
                  > Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, or Decision Maker had a conflict of interest or bias that impacted the
                 outcome of the matter.
            3.  If an appeal is filed the Appeal Officer must:
                  > Notify the complainant and respondent in writing;
                  > Give the complainant and respondent reasonable, equal opportunity to submit a written statement in
                 support of or challenge to the outcome; and
                  > Issue a written decision to the complainant and respondent simultaneously, describing the result of the
                 appeal, and the rationale for the result.

            Step 10. Retain Records for 7 Years
            1.  For a formal Title IX complaint retain: each sexual harassment investigation, including any determination
               regarding responsibility, any audio or audiovisual required or transcript, any remedies or disciplinary
               sanctions imposed; any appeal and the result therefrom; and any informal resolution and the results
            2.  Whenever an obligation under Title IX is triggered but there was no formal complaint: any actions taken
               to address the report or complaint and to resort or preserve equal acess to the LEA’s program or activity,
               including supportive measures; and why the LEA’s response was not deliberately indifferent.
            3.  Maintain all materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision- Makers and any person
               who facilitates an Informal Resolution.  The LEA must make these training materials publicly available on
               its website.

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