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           > Train All Employees
          •  Designate and train Title IX team members: Title IX Coordinator(s), investigators, decision-makers, informal
            resolution officers, and appeal officers.
          •  Train all employees on their reporting duties under Title IX, including how to identify and report potential Title
            IX issues.

           > Update Policies
          •  Review and update all employee and student policies concerning gender and sex-based discrimination,
            including sexual harassment, to comply with the grievance process required under Title IX.

           > Adhere to All Notice and Posting Requirements
          •  Title IX requires notice be given to all employees, students, parents/guardians, applicants, that includes:
            contact information for the Title IX Coordinator; a non-discrimination statement; and a description of the Title
            IX grievance procedures.
          •  All Title IX training materials must also be posted on the LEA’s website.
          •  Education Code § 221.61 requires all LEAs to post specific information on students rights under Title IX,
            including: the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information; the rights of students under Title IX; the responsibilities
            of the LEA under Title IX; and a description of how to file a complaint.
          •  Education Code § 221.9  requires schools to post statistics on the percentage of students that are  involved in
            competitive sports, and the number of competitive sports teams, classified by gender.

           > Appropriately Respond to Title IX Reports and Complaints
          •  Act immediately by determining and implementing appropriate supportive  measures for the complainant
            and respondent.
          •  Investigate all complaints in a prompt and timely manner, in accordance with Title IX and the appropriate
            District policy, and document the  investigation and decision-making process.
          •  Implement appropriate corrective measures at the conclusion of the investigation and decision-making
          •  To ensure sports equity, consider periodic program audits by outside consultants or legal counsel to identify
            equity issues in athletic benefits (e.g., sports facilities, equipment, coaches, schedules, etc.).

           > Maintain all Title IX Records for 7 Years

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