Public Records Act and Legal Trends

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There has been a proliferation in the State of these types of requests, and they are becoming more sophisticated. As a result, public agencies must counter the sophistication in response, and create a game plan. Now is the time to think about these broad issues and how public agencies take on the flood of information requests in this new era. Harold Freiman, Partner in Lozano Smith's Walnut Creek office, breaks down the hot topics related to the Public Records Act, and discusses the importance of established policies, very clear practices and working closely with an attorney to make sure protocols are in place when PRA requests come. Specifically, so that errors are not made, thought must be given to how text messages and emails are treated and advanced discussion should take place before your entity is taken on by a lawsuit that often follows PRA requests. (23 minutes)

Watch Individual Sections

Requests for Emails - (9:01)

Requests for Personnel Records - (5:12)

Requests Motivated by Profit - (3:55)

Accidental Release of Privileged Materials - (6:31)

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