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IEP Planning and Agenda Checklist

        IEP Planning Checklist


               Schedule IEP meeting by due date.
               Consider scheduling a pre-meeting with staff, but do not predetermine anything regarding the student’s
               IEP at the pre-meeting.

               Confirm availability of all required participants on the scheduled IEP date.

               Complete all assessments reports and exchange for internal review.

               Provide draft assessment reports to Parent(s) for review prior to meeting.

               Solicit input from Parent(s) regarding their concerns and the IEP agenda.

               Request copies of any private assessments Parent(s) want considered.

               Consult with providers regarding draft goals to avoid duplication and ensure consistency.

               Gather data to establish clear baselines for each proposed goal and progress on every implemented goal.

               Document in writing all attempts to schedule IEP meeting.

               Arrange for Parent(s) any appropriate observations of programs to consider.

               Identify IEP facilitator, notetaker, and inform all participants of roles in meeting.


               Identify purpose of IEP meeting on Notice of Meeting.

               Provide Notice of Meeting to Parent(s) prior to the IEP meeting to allow participation.

               Identify on Notice of Meeting all IEP meeting participants by title, including:
                  >  Parent(s)
                  >  LEA Representative
                  >  Special Education Teacher
                  >  General Education Teacher
                  >  Person(s) Qualified to Interpret Assessment Results
                  >  Providers with Information Relevant to Purpose of IEP meeting
                  >  Other(s) with Special Expertise regarding Student
                  >  Student, where appropriate

               Identify on Notice of Meeting any IEP team members to be excused and obtain consent on excusal form

        IEP Planning and Agenda Checklist                                    
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