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In addition to the SELC, we regularly provide in-service   Other notable cases:
        trainings to school districts on a wide variety of topics,   G.M. v. Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, Ninth
        ranging from student discipline to Section 504 to avoiding   Circuit Court of Appeals, Case No. 12-17242. In 2014,
        disproportionate representation of minority students in   on appeal, the Ninth Circuit issued an unpublished
        special education. Our attorneys are also regularly invited   memorandum affirming an OAH due process hearing in
        to present at statewide and national conferences, including   favor of the District. The Ninth Circuit panel affirmed the U.S.
        the ACSA Every Child Counts Symposium, LRP National    District Court’s grant of summary judgment in the District’s
        Institute, and LRP School Attorneys Conference.        favor on the plaintiff’s section 504 claims, as well as an
                                                               award of attorneys’ fees sanctions against the parent’s
        Mediation and Litigation Support                       attorney.
        The firm encourages its clients to build strong relationships
        with parents, to consider alternative dispute resolution   F.S.D. v. Santa Barbara Unified School District, U.S.D.C.
        (including mediation), and to be proactive, fair minded,   Central District of California, Case No. 2:13-cv-03191. Lozano
        and responsive while setting reasonable limits. As do most   Smith attorneys obtained a favorable outcome for the
        school districts, the firm’s clients informally resolve most   district on an appeal of a due process decision, coupled
        special education due process cases at mediation or before   with various civil rights claims under section 1983, section
        hearing. When a hearing has been necessary, Lozano Smith   504 and the ADA. Lozano Smith represented the district
        attorneys have successfully represented clients through   successfully during the underlying due process decision and
        that process. Our attorneys have successfully moved for   appeal of same, defending OAH’s ruling, which the Court
                                                               affirmed in full. As a result of that victory and elimination of
        dismissal of cases prior to hearing when circumstances allow.
                                                               any remaining viable theories for the plaintiff’s civil rights
                                                               claims, the plaintiff ultimately stipulated to dismissal of the
        To minimize client costs, the firm’s Special Education
        Practice Group has created for use by our attorneys an   remaining causes of action in the litigation.
        expansive internal library of special education templates
        including settlement agreements, presentations, manuals,   Alex G. v. Bd. of Trustees, U.S.D.C. Eastern District of
        policies, procedures, forms, pleadings, statutory settlement   California, Case No. 8:03-2258. Lozano Smith successfully
        offers, legal opinion letters and memorandums, prehearing   moved for partial summary judgment on behalf of the
        conference statements, opening briefs, witness questions,   District, resulting in one of the first published decisions
                                                               applicable in California to stand for the proposition that a
        and closing briefs.
                                                               plaintiff seeking to impose liability under Section 504 “must
                                                               show that the educational decisions relating to the student
        Special Education Litigation                           were so inappropriate as to constitute either bad faith or
        Lozano Smith has brought and defended numerous lawsuits   gross misjudgment.”
        including appeals from administrative hearing decisions
        and attorneys fee actions. We have filed actions to obtain
        restraining orders to change the placement of special
        education students who pose a danger to themselves or
        others. The firm’s special education attorneys have handled
        matters involving virtually every conceivable legal issue in
        the field. For example, Lozano Smith:
           > Represented CSBA in the mandated cost reimbursement
           litigation against the State of California that resulted in a
           $1 billion settlement in favor of the school districts.
           > Represented districts in countless due process cases,
           mediations, and numerous appeals to federal District
           Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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