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Sample IEP Meeting Agenda


               Procedural safeguards

               Purpose of meeting

               Review ground rules
                  >  Communicate clearly and listen carefully
                  >  Respect the views of others
                  >  Share your views willingly
                  >  Ask and welcome questions for clarification
                  >  Be open to the ideas and views presented
                  >  Honor time limits and stay on task

               Student Demographic Information

               Parent Concerns

               Assessment Results


               Present Levels of Performance

               Progress on Prior Goals

               Areas of Need

               Proposed Goals

               Educational Program and Placement
                  >  Continuum of placement options and least restrictive environment
                  >  Educational setting(s) where goals can be appropriately addressed
                  >  Related services
                  >  Special factors
                  >  Supplemental aids and services
                  >  Accommodations and modifications
                  >  ESY and transportation

               Review next steps


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