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               > Repeating goals year after year may indicate a student is not receiving a FAPE.  Where goals are inappro-
             priate in light of the student’s abilities or are identical to goals from prior IEPs, a court may find that they are
             an indication that the student has not been offered FAPE or is not making progress.  (Endrew F. v. Douglas
             County Sch. Dist. RE-1, 69 IDELR 174 (U.S. 2017).)

               > Avoid vague and immeasurable goals.  Because the goals in the child’s IEP were expressed in subjective and
             inexact terms such as “to increase participation,” and “to increase compliance,” the team could not make
             an objective analysis of whether the child was making progress toward his goals and objectives. (Anchorage
             Sch. Dist., 51 IDELR 230 (SEA AK 2008).)

               > Each IEP goal should have corresponding items of instruction or services.  Having goals without related
             programming indicates that the district is not providing FAPE. (Burlington Sch. Dist., 20 IDELR 1303 (SEA VT

               > An IEP should pass the “stranger” test.  Under this test, an IEP goal is appropriate if a person unfamiliar with
             the IEP would be able to implement the goal, implement the assessment of the student’s progress on the
             goal, and determine whether the student’s progress was satisfactory. (Mason City Cmty. Sch. Dist., 46 IDELR
             148 (SEA IA 2006).)

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