Title IX

Lozano Smith's Title IX Toolkit

The all-important topic of sexual harassment has taken center stage on a national level, and school districts are faced with exceedingly high obligations for addressing claims of sexual misconduct under Title IX. To help school district leaders address Title IX requirements and obligations, ACSA has partnered with Lozano Smith to develop a suite of related resources.

This phased series will consist of legal updates, checklists, webinars, videos and a statewide workshop series. Here’s a glimpse into the toolkit and overall Title IX series:

Title IX Checklists

  • Title IX At-A-Glance
  • Significant New Title IX Guidance on Handling Sexual Misconduct: What Schools Need to Know
  • Administrator’s Guide to Processing and Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints of Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Under Title IX

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Title IX Compliance Video Series

Michelle Cannon
Lozano Smith attorney Michelle Cannon answers the question: "What should I do if I learn of a Title IX issue?"

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Title IX Compliance Video Series
What are the duties of Responsible Employees?
Are schools required to offer support services to the parties involved in a Title IX complaint?
If a criminal investigation is pending, do schools still need to conduct their own investigation?