Special Education Legal Consortium (SELC)

Workshop Overview

School districts are balancing how to implement unprecedented special education policies in real time against the backdrop of longstanding pre-COVID legal requirements. Your 2020 SELC is structured to meet you where you are now.

We're blending 20+ years of SELC workshop tradition with the benefits of online learning. Join us as we analyze recent cases and administrative decisions, and outline best practices with up-to-the-minute legal updates related to COVID-19.

Join your colleagues for this signature half-day workshop and secure your spot today!

Fall 2020 Online Workshop

Session 1: The MELT (Major and Essential Legal Topics)

Legal Update: Lozano Smith attorneys will highlight the most significant court and administrative decisions of the past year. This year’s expanded MELT will emphasize court decisions that have been issued since the closure of schools due to COVID-19 as well as COVID-19 related legislation.

Session 2: Discipline, Behavior, and Social/Emotional Considerations in the COVID Era

Lozano Smith’s most experienced special education attorneys will discuss the legal implications of discipline, behavioral, and social/emotional considerations in light of this unprecedented 2020-2021 school year amid a global pandemic. The attorneys will discuss everything from legally-defensible ways to respond to inappropriate video conduct to addressing the social/emotional needs of students in a distance learning environment. The webinar will also touch on best practices on conducting behavioral and social/emotional assessments during distance learning, hybrid learning, and socially-distant in-person learning.

Online Team Training

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
9:00am - 12:30pm