Parents May Now Elect to Receive Annual Notice of Parental Rights and Responsibilities Electronically

Lozano Smith Client News Brief
July 2012
Number 39

Starting in January 1, 2013, parents may elect to receive an electronic version of their school district's annual notice of parental rights and responsibilities, which is distributed at the beginning of each school year.

In an effort to cut down on printing and distribution costs, Assembly Bill (AB) 2262 amends Education Code section 48981 to allow a parent or guardian to opt to receive an electronic version of the annual notice. For parents or guardians who do not request this option, school districts must continue to provide the annual notice by regular mail or by any other method normally used to communicate in writing with parents or guardians.

Providing access electronically may be accomplished either by posting the annual notice on the school district website or sending it by e-mail. School districts will need to get written permission from parents before providing the annual notice electronically. To accomplish this purpose, we recommend having parents sign and return an electronic notice opt-in form every year. School districts potentially could combine the opt-in form with the acknowledgment of receipt of the annual notice form that is required by Education Code section 48982.

As required by Education Code section 48985, the electronic version of the annual notice also needs to be translated into other languages if 15% or more of the students enrolled in a district school speak a single primary language other than English.

If you would like assistance with implementing this new law or if you have questions about the annual notification requirements in general, please feel free to contact one of our eight offices located statewide. You can also visit our website or follow Lozano Smith on Facebook.
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