2019 CLSBA Unity Conference

Responding to School Violence
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This workshop will cover what to do when a student commits, or threatens, an act of violence against students, staff or the campus at large. This workshop will focus on a series of "real-life experience" scenarios related to school violence. By discussing these scenarios, attendees will gain an understanding of when and how to involve law enforcement, what information can be disclosed to the public, as well as the how to design and implement a crisis response plan. Special attention will be given to real world examples of student threats, so attendees can use 20/20 hindsight to better understand how to respond to school violence in a manner that is legally complaint, and fosters school safety.

This event is reserved for school district or public agency employees only. Please contact Client Services for more information.

Event Info:

  • October 4th, 2019
  • 9:15am - 10:30am
  • Hilton San Diego/Del Mar ?
  • 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
    Del Mar, California
  • Conference