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interested charter schools if certain criteria were met.  This requirement sunset on July 1,
                   2016, and is no longer applicable.  (Ed. Code, § 17457.5.)

               V. Notification of Local City or County Planning Agency Prior to Sale
                   If the local city or county planning agency has adopted a general plan or part thereof which
                   affects or includes the area where the property is located, the District must notify the agency
                   in writing before the District may sell the property.  The notification must identify the
                   property’s location, and the purpose and extent of the proposed sale.  (Govt. Code
                   § 65402(a), (c).)

                    The local planning agency must report back to the District within 40 days, indicating whether
                   the proposed sale is in conformity with the general plan.  If the agency fails to respond within
                   40 days, it is conclusively deemed a finding that the proposed sale is in conformity with the
                   general plan or part thereof.  (Govt. Code § 65402(c).)

                   Even if the planning agency disapproves of the location, purpose or extent of the property
                   sale, the District may overrule such disapproval.  (Govt. Code § 65402(c).)

               VI. Board Action Declaring Intention to Sell or Lease the Property
                   If the property remains unsold or unleased after the foregoing steps, the Board must declare
                   its intention in a regular meeting to sell or lease the property prior to putting the property up
                   to competitive bid.  To do so, it should adopt a resolution taking each of the following

                      Consider the 7-11 Committee’s recommendations, if one was convened.  (Ed. Code
                       § 17387, et seq.)

                      Describe the property proposed to be sold or leased in such a manner as to identify it.
                       (Ed. Code § 17466.)

                      Specify the minimum price and the terms upon which the property will be sold or leased.
                       (Ed. Code § 17466.)

                      State the commission or rate, if any, which the board will pay to a broker out of the
                       minimum price.  (Ed. Code § 17466.)

                      Specify a date at least three weeks later for a public Board meeting at which proposals to
                       purchase or lease will be received and considered.  (Ed. Code § 17466.)

                   The resolution must be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Board. (Ed. Code § 17466.)

                   The District must give public notice of the adoption of the resolution by posting copies of the
                   resolution signed by the Board in three public places in the District at least 15 days before
                   the meeting where the bids are opened, and by publishing the notice at least once per week

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