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                                                                                    CHARTER SCHOOLS

                                                                            LOCATION FLOWCHART

                                    Does the charter school have a facility
                 YES                   located within the geographic                  NO
                                         boundaries of authorizer?

         Any other facilities?                                  Does charter school operate exclusively in partnership with
                                                                  Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs?
          NO           YES
                                                                               NO            YES

        Likely        Inside                       Was charter school facility lawfully         Likely lawful
       lawful      boundaries of                    located before or after 1/1/2020?

                                                   Before 1/1/2020            On or after 1/1/2020
                 YES        NO
                                         Is facility lawfully located outside      Is facility a satellite facility used
                                         the boundaries of authorizer, but      exclusively for educational support of
             Likely lawful                   within the same county?            pupils enrolled in non-classroom based
             provided all                                                       independent study of charter school?
              approved                          YES         NO
            within petition                                                             NO          YES

                                                   Is facility a satellite
                                                     facility located           Facility         Is facility located
         May continue to operate through                 outside                 likely        within the jurisdiction
         renewal. Then, to continue to operate in     jurisdiction of         unlawful           of school district
         same location, charter school must           district where                           where charter school
         either:                                     charter school is                         is physically located?
           1) Before renewal, obtain written       physically located?
             approval from school district where
             physically located, or
           2) Submit renewal petition to school                                        NO           YES
             district where physically located.     YES         NO

                                                                                    Likely lawful, if charter school
                              May continue to operate through renewal. Then, to     provides its primary educational
                              continue operating in same location, charter school   services in, and a majority of pupils
                              must, before renewal, obtain written approval from    are residents of, county in which
                              school district where physically located.             charter school is authorized.

        1  Or, in exclusive partnership with another program set forth in Education Code section 47605.1(f), as amended January 1, 2020.
        2  There are very limited exceptions to these rules, applicable on a fact-specific, case-by-case basis.  For further guidance, contact your legal counsel.

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