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Notwithstanding 47607(c), 47607.2(a) and 47607.2(b), pursuant to 47607(e)

         MAY DENY RENEWAL of any charter school upon a finding that either:

         1.   The charter school is demonstrably unlikely to successfully implement the program set forth in the petition due to substantial
             fiscal or governance factors;


         2.  The charter school is not serving the pupils who wish to attend, as documented by 47607(d).

         Must provide 30 days’ notice with a reasonable opportunity to cure the violation AND make a finding that either:

         a.  The corrective action proposed by the charter school has been unsuccessful;


         b.  The violations are sufficiently severe and pervasive as to render a corrective action unviable.

        1  Schools with Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) are reviewed under alternative criteria.
        2 “Measurement of academic performance” means indicators included in the evaluation rubrics adopted by the SBE based on statewide assessments
        in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress system, or any successor system, the English Language Proficiency Assessments
        for California, or any successor system, and the college and career readiness indicator, and the college and career readiness indicator.
        3 “Verified data” means data derived from nationally recognized, valid, peer-reviewed, and reliable sources externally produced, and includes mea-
        sures of postsecondary outcomes. By January 1, 2021, the SBE shall establish criteria to define verified data and identify an approved list of valid and
        reliable assessment that shall be used for this purpose.
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