Created by Lozano Smith’s Labor & Employment attorneys Michael Smith, Regina Garza and Roberta Rowe, the Coaching Manual sets forth legal guidelines, practical suggestions, and model documents to assist districts in the hiring and supervising of athletic coaches. The Manual is now available for purchase by public school districts for only $500 and includes all of the following information:

Legal Overview

Hiring Athletic Coaches

  • Job Descriptions
  • Coaching Qualifications
  • Centralized v. De-Centralized Hiring Process
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Selection Process
  • Employment Contracts
  • Overtime for Classified Employees Who Coach Supervision of Athletic Coaches

Supervision of Athletic Coaches

  • District Policies
  • General Fees, Charges, Donations and Fundraising Guidance
  • Concussion Procedures
  • Evaluations

Statutes and Regulations

Preference for Currently Employed Teachers

  • Education Code section 44919


  • Education Code section 35179.7
  • California Code of Regulations section 5596, Title 5

Qualifications for Coaches

  • Education Code section 44258.7, 44346.5 and 49024
  • California Code of Regulations sections 5590-5596, Title 5

Responsibilities and Training of Coaches

  • Education Code sections 35179-35179.7
  • Education Code section 49032 and 49034


  • Education Code section 33354


  • “Code of Conduct” by Michael E. Smith and Dulcinea A. Grantham, American School Board Journal, August 2011
  • Lozano Smith Client News Briefs

Model Forms and Letters

  • Job Description: Varsity Coach
  • Job Description: Junior Varsity/Freshman Coach
  • Contract for Athletic Team Coach: Certificated Employee
  • Contract for Athletic Team Coach: Classified Employee
  • Contract for Athletic Team Coach: Walk-On
  • Memorandum of Understanding between District and CSEA
  • Board Policy: Athletic Team Coaches
  • Administrative Regulation: Athletic Team Coaches
  • School Board Annual Certification Memorandum
  • Annual Certification to the State Board of Education
  • Sports Program Donation Solicitation Letter
  • Uniform Loan Form
  • Uniform Purchase Agreement Form
  • Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet
  • Coach Evaluation Form

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